Nov. 4, 2020

Music & Journalism: An Interview with Jess Griggs

Music & Journalism: An Interview with Jess Griggs
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In this episode of Musically Cogitating, Ciyadh interviews Jess Griggs about the intersections of music, journalism, and justice.

About Jess:

 Jess Griggs has a hard time saying no… which probably explains all the hats she has worn in the music world (from symphony operations to writer to recording engineer). However, from these experiences, Jess has become a fairly good organizer of projects, thoughts, and plans. She has the ability to break down your big goals into action items to help you see a clearer path to achieve your vision.

 When Jess doesn’t have her head buried in a Google Doc, you can find her reading or listening to her favorite podcasts.

Show Notes:

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