Musically Cogitating

Musically Cogitating

Musically Cogitating is a show about the relevance and importance of living music and how it impacts our everyday lives.

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Tracking Challenge Experiment Reminder!

Oct. 20, 2021

Show Description: In this podcast episode snack, Ciyadh reminds you that the next full episode is NEXT WEEK! Keep on tracking that music. Spotify Playlist: Musically Cogitating Spotify Playlist Podcast Links: Musically Cogit…

Listening Tracking Challenge Part 1

Oct. 6, 2021

In this episode, Ciyadh talks introduces a 3-week music listening tracking challenge. Show Notes: BRAND NEW MUSICALLY COGITATING PODCAST T-SHIRT STORE | Play music, find songs, and discover artists Marvis Pro on App …

What it’s like Living with a Musician: An Interview with Katelyn Deatherage

Sept. 22, 2021

In this episode, Ciyadh interviews her partner Kate. They discuss what it is like living with a musician, owning an orange cat, and the stress of an artistic life. Show Notes: Musically Cogitating Podcast 1 Year Celebration …

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About the Host

Ciyadh Wells


Ciyadh Wells is a multifaceted musician who prides herself in not only being an artist but also an activist, and a scholar. Born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Wells’ passion for music developed at a young age with her involvement in choir and band. Her skillset grew the more she honed her skills in private guitar lessons. After earning her Bachelors, Wells successfully pursued her Masters of Music in Instrumental Performance with a concentration in Applied String Pedagogy from the University of Louisville. She is currently working on her Doctorate of Musical Arts in Guitar Performance at the University of Georgia. As a scholar and educator, Wells believes everyone deserves access to art, which she advocates as being essential to society. Furthermore, her advocacy has made a difference in many young musicians’ lives. Ciyadh’s mission is to utilize the impact of music old and new, to manifest moments of meaningful change and to inspire community therein.